Ode to Skinny Grays

Skinny grays after better days…

My fam left New York in Janvier for France.
We turned right, not left.  Yes, intentionally.
Running shoes and gray flip-flops were my only prance;
We began working our way on t’ward Italy.
Hawaii our first stop, and then we sought Fiji.
Lean, mean, go-with anything.  Such true sole sisters.
We walked, we trotted, we hiked, we flew and we strolled.
Content and happy as a vagabond gypsy –
Flops exploring on foot without any blisters.
The virtues of such days I still highly extol.

Despite the miles logged, my toesies ne’er felt as lead;
Like Mercury at his prime we flew far and wide.
For months solid, these shoes were my daily peds.
Replacing Louboutin, skinny flops my only stride;
The best ten bucks I have ever or since then spent.
Alas, after we half the globe traversed and crossed
Coming out of our car in Margaret River –
What happens a next I do still truly lament.
My J Crew flip flops did meet their ultimate boss
As I felt the thong give just the slightest quiver.

Broke away to meet its ever so fateful end.
My digits are sad, so lonely.  And much in need;
I now must bid adieu to my traveling friends.
To the recycling bin my mates must go indeed.
My new havaianas cannot make full amends.
Their color is off, their souls are just not quite right.
So bummed and all alone without my skinny grays.
My belov’d shoe snickered at all fashion trends –
You made my days bright and took me into night.
Mickey D, your flops truly ruled my sunny days.

One comment

  1. Nigelmargo

    Hi guys as you know I am cycling from London to Paris I’m 4 day arriving on the 22nd august Sheila will be meeting me their and we will drive off. WIll you still be in France during the week commencing 22nd august we would love 2 drive down to visit the familyplease let me me know love Nigel and Sheila

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