Count on Me

Friends and family – we miss you.  We miss you with the intensity of an August sun and the craziness of a New York winter snow storm.  Leaving our well-established routine and most-loved ones was and remains among the toughest decisions we’ve ever made.  Judah misses his kitties.  Talia misses her Tilda, Anna and Grace.  We all miss our Manhattan life and its many wonderful moments and people.  We think of it and you daily.

And in the same breath we are grateful.  2010 opened our eyes and hearts to so many new and wonderful experiences and people.  We saw (in order) New York, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Italy, Corsica, New York, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France again, Spain, Israel, Sri Lanka and France one last time.  Armon saw lots of London…  Along the way we met many new friends and visited cherished old acquaintances.  We got to know ourselves better – both individually and as a family.  And we learned to better cherish the moment in which we live.  Life’s simple pleasures.  It is stunning the ease with which we fell into our travel life.  One whose cadence remains a distant shadow from our previous Manhattan ambitions; built more on adventure and openness than on intensity and pre-planning.

All the while, we continue to settle in France.  Armon’s business is flourishing.  The kids now embrace their bilingual school and I am adjusting to, well, life.  We are all learning French and all holding strong to the patience required of ourselves as we adapt to a new language, culture and existence.  Some days are more challenging than others and Armon can surely attest to the fact that I’ve succumbed – openly wishing for “Charles Street, work, family, friends, Equinox and a big ol’ dose of Raoul’s (…imagine wishing for French food while living in France…)”.   But at the end of the day, we are all so grateful.  We are thankful for this adventure, for the opportunity to see life for what it is and for special loved ones who have supported our decision to take this life and turn it on its head.  Thank you for allowing us to not be normal.

Normal is amazing; but not-normal is amazing on steroids.

If you can get away with not-being-normal; go for it.  You will not regret it.  I mean, of course – you will have your moments; but at the end of it all – the adventures you will have are sure to be mind-boggling.  And normal will still be there when you get back.  Seriously,  it will.  And so will we.  We love and cherish you.  And if we’ve learned anything from this year it is how special you are to us.  So be it from New Zealand or France or Sri Lanka, we will be there for you.  Always.  We love you.  We miss you.  We thank you for letting us take this journey and for being there for us.  We look forward to you joining us or us running into each other along the way.  And in the meantime,  if you ever need a word of encouragement to chase your dreams, to break your mold – you can count on us.  We will be there, cheering you on.  Our feet firmly planted (somewhere) – ready to be leaned on – every step of the way.


  1. Amy Foote Erickson

    Wow. I admire you guys, what an adventure!!!…I understand the challenge of trying to learn french…and The French haha!! Love reading about your experiences. xoxo, Amy

  2. Mikali Dawson

    Dear Talia
    I miss you. I am having a great time at my school. It is summer holidays and we are staying right by the beach, swimming and playing and jumping off the wharf into the water.
    Please please come visit us soon.
    When are you coming over to NZ?
    Love Mikali

  3. Levi Dawson

    Look its Talia and Judah! Look its them again.
    I am going to drive my jallopy to visit them, its fast.
    Can we go have a play at Judah’s house today.
    I miss them, (tears as we can not go visit).
    Love Levi

  4. Sabrina & Sasha

    Sasha and I loved the song and the snakes to boot. She wishes Judah could be in her Red Cardinal class, but she is glad that he’s learning French just like she is (not exactly with the same intensity, but still)! How wonderful to be able to have such adventures and to dive into French culture. We miss you too, but wish you all a world of happiness in your journey. And now Sasha wants to add something: it’s about a dinosaur egg that’s hatching and does Judah like dinosaurs? Over and out~

  5. Shannon Cross

    How long will you be in France? We are coming in August but I assume you will have moved on by then, or maybe be back?

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