Welcome Home…

A few weekends ago my 6 year old Ozzie spent the night at a very dear friend’s house as part of an all-boys sleepover for one of his best friends.   Daddy went to pick him up the next day and I was working in the kitchen when Ozzie came bounding through the door – a frenetic bundle of slumber party energy.

“Hi Hun!,”  I said.  “How was your night?”…

With arms and feet open wide, eyes open even wider, Ozzie exclaimed, “I GOT TO SEE JAMES BOND MAKE SEX!!!”  And off he took, into the heart of our home to find his sister.

Life will never be the same.  He’s now a huge James Bond fan and thinks it’s so amazingly cool that James Bond can have several women chase him and “sex him” in one movie.  Yeah, it’s like that…

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