In 2010, I traded in my Balenciaga for a backpack, my Bloomberg terminal for a Leica camera and my daily grind for the unknown… During the first chapter of this story, we traveled around the world as a family of four.  With nothing more than a few pieces of luggage and ourselves, life was simple and we existed day-to-day.  During the second chapter, we began to settle in France.  We had our share of hardships, but managed to forge ahead.  Perhaps we are on the third chapter now (I’m not sure).  We are still here, with mediocre French and the ability to navigate our way around town.  But life in France still offers its share of challenges – both good and bad.  This is our story, with all of its glorious and sometimes difficult craziness.  Enjoy.


  1. the dotsons

    Bon voyage Bar-turs!

  2. bg

    wow! sounds so exciting! sans the puke! looking forward to seeing you when you are back. come to southold where we now have guestrooms! betsy and chris

  3. betsy

    so how long are you guys tripping for? thanks for the tip to the northern new zealand eco-lodge… i’ll enjoy the pics and skip the fun plane trip!

    • Hey Betsy…. Great to hear from you. We plan to get to France in May. Will be in Montauk come August for the month – I want to see your place out east (finally)! Kisses to Chris and the crew. You guys would LOVE Awaroa Lodge.

  4. Grammy kate

    I have always dreamed of taking a sea plane ride. We used to watch them land in Coecles Harbor with guests for the Rams Head Inn or our young fanancier neighbor out and about with his latest girl friend. But, after reading Popcorn, I’m reconsidering my goals in life. Your eco-lodge however looks amazing. I particularly love the video of Judah and Talia running and jumping into the puddles on the beach.
    The eels look a bit slimy and icky but great entertainment. I think you can add them to that list of 365 things to do with kids.
    Rebecca, you are making me laugh. Love your description of arriving at the lodge and your instantly being transformed from NYC fashionista to clown without tevas.
    Can’t wait for the next installment. Much love to you all. You will have most likely heard about our false start this morning at Newark airport…not only did we change all our clocks on Saturday night except the Alarm clock, so we woke up at the time i expected to be half way to Newark, but when I finally fast talked our way past the man who said the flight was closed, the agent who had come to our rescue, discovered that three of us could get on the plane but one of us didn’t have a valid passport. Sasha’s passport had expired between the time I made the reservation and this morning…so we booked for tomorrow at the same time, set the alarm for the correct time, and we are hopefully going to be on the beach with Dana and Yam and Neve tomorrow afternoon. I will send them your love and make sure they see your blog.
    XXOO Grammy Kate

    • Hope you had a wonderful time in DR. We thought of you often and are sorry to hear that the first part of the trip was prone to construction nightmares….

      We are currently in Margaret River and enjoying Cheryl’s visit. The weather hasn’t been ideal, but we’ve been managing without issue. We had an amazing horse experience 2 days ago and all 5 of us went for a 2 hour plus ride on wild Australian horses that were saved and then trained. You would have loved it.

      Take a look at the Queenstown video; it took a while to learn iMovie – but is a decent first attempt….

      Miss you tons.

  5. Sybil and Bob

    We love your blogs and are getting vicarious pleasure out of your many adventures. They sure brightened up this dismal winter. But now, Spring is in the air. The daffodils, magnolias and forsythia are in full bloom and the weather is improving. Continue having fun.
    Much love, Bob and Sybil

    • It is great to hear from you! I hope you and Bob are well and that NYC weather continues to improve for you. Pretty soon you’ll be Amagansett bound! Can’t wait to see you! Love to Bob. Rebecca

  6. John T


    Great to see the adventures you and the family are having!

    Lovely to see so many smiles and interesting days.

    Have a great time, and happy trails!


  7. Hey there! I was just trying to get in touch with you and Armon to invite you to an Art opening I am having of my paintings in NYC & saw that you two are having a great time abroad. Say hello to Melissa for me!

    • Great to hear from you Michelle. Your art looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it in person. Best of luck on the show and please stay in touch. We’d love to come to the next one!

  8. Elmer Huh

    Hey was trying to get in touch with you. We sent you our Christmas card but the address off 200 Chambers was clearly old. What is your new address? You all seemed to behaving a fantastic and mesmorizing journey. Kuddos!

    Love to hear more aboutit so i will subscribe.

    Elmer (in Westchester NY)

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